Why You Should Only Use Washer Fluid to Clean the Windshield of Your Car

Washer fluid is the only fluid you should use for cleaning your car's windshield for several reasons. First, it dissolves any dirt or grime that may stick to your car's windshield. Water will not do this. It may rinse away some of the dirt or grime, but it will not do a very good job of dissolving it.

Another reason why washer fluid is the superior choice is that it has a low freezing point. What this means is that the washer fluid will still be effective when it is below freezing outside and you need to clean your car's windshields. Water will quickly freeze at cold temperatures. If you place water in your reservoir and it freezes, you will be unable to use it. It could also cause damage to the reservoir and pump system that sprays the fluid onto your windshield.

If you need your washer fluid topped off or think your reservoir and pump system is damaged, then head to Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mt. Sterling. We will gladly top of your washer fluid and determine if any repairs are needed to your windshield washer system.

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