Things to Consider at the End of Your Vehicle Lease

As few people have tens of thousands of dollars to fork over on new vehicles, many drivers choose to lease their vehicles. An inherent part of car leases involves being required to return them to dealerships following lease end - but how do you navigate your way around closing a lease?

If you're not quite done with your vehicle yet, consider extending the lease. As cars age, their lease payments go down in price, making your second lease cheaper than the first.

Purchasing a vehicle following lease end is also a commonly-exercised option. Many leases provide drivers with an equity stake in their vehicles if they purchase it at lease end. Even if you're not interested in driving the car much longer, it might be worthwhile to purchase and resell the vehicle.

Managing options available to drivers following lease end is difficult - trust Mann Chrysler Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mt. Sterling to help navigate your lease-end options.

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