Discover the Types of Suspension Systems Available

Suspension systems help keep you safe by improving your car's handling while absorbing bumps and holes in the road that your vehicle encounters. There are a few different types of suspension systems, but there are three that are the most common. We are able to service all three, as well as more unconventional suspension systems, at Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mt. Sterling.

Conventional suspensions use steel shocks, basically giant springs, and steel leafs to redirect the cars energy by compressing or bending. Other suspension systems use hydraulics to essentially accomplish the same thing. More advanced suspension systems use magnets and a sophisticated computer system to help manage shocks and bumps caused by driving. They all have their pros and cons, but all can wear out over time, and it is most important that they are operating properly.

If you feel your ride getting rough or find it more difficult to handle, make your way to our auto parts and upgrades department in Mt. Sterling, KY today.

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