The Dodge Challenger Now Comes with AWD

Muscle cars have always been two-wheel drive power machines. The familiar sights and sounds of screaming tires and growling engines always brought to mind American power machines that conquered the world. Strong on the road, these machines surrender to the elements when snow, ice, mud, and rain dowse their parade.

Dodge is refusing to continue to surrender by adding an All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) into its signature muscle car—the Challenger. Other than the few owner adaptation forays into the four-wheel drive world, this is the first time a manufacturer has added AWD into a muscle car.

Under normal driving circumstances the Challenger remains a two-wheel drive vehicle, unbowed in the muscle car theater. Only when the slippage effects of ice, snow, mud, or excess water are detected does the AWD automatically kick in, changing the Dodge Challenger into a four-wheel drive unit.

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