This Year's Jeep Cherokee Safety Features

Take a look at the safety features inside this years' Jeep Cherokee. When the all-new Jeep Cherokee is riding on the highway and you set the Adaptive Cruise Control, the radar monitors the lead car ahead to maintain a safe buffer. If the lead car slows, the system reduces the speed or will pre-charge the brakes to help keep that gap until clear, then resume the desired speed.

How does the Lane-Keeping System in the new Jeep Cherokee work? The camera and radar of this system scan the road to identify if the vehicle drifts outside the lines. If yes, the steering wheel starts vibrating so you have the chance to focus and get back in control before the car crashes.

These two features are only a small reason for the popularity of the new Jeep Cherokee. Take it for a test drive today at Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mt. Sterling to see the others.



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